Top Restaurants in Detroit

You simply cannot visit a new place without trying out their food. Often, the food of the people tells so much more. It represents their culture, their history, their style and their choice of flavor. The same holds for Detroit. If you ever find yourself in this beautiful city, then you need to walk into some, if not all, of the following restaurants:

  • Duly’s Place

This highway diner has pocket-friendly options. It is one of the best places to get some Coney Island classics. You can get a great bacon, eggs and pancakes breakfast or a Coney dog if the craving strikes late at night. Duly’s Place is located on 5458 W Vernor Highway.

  • Taqueria El Rey

There is always something special about a place that is able to cater to take-away and dine-in customers in equal measures. Taqueria El Rey is one of these places and is located on 4730 W Vernor Highway. This place has some delicious and filling burritos, tortas and tacos. In addition to this, it also has an impressive barbecued chicken that is coated in a mild and smokey rub.

  • El Asador Mexican Steakhouse

Located on 1312 Springwells Street, this steakhouse and seafood restaurants provides Detroit with a broader scope of Mexican cuisine. You have different things to choose from at dinner or at lunchtime. There are scallop tacos and lobsters which constitute the slim menu that is suitable for lunch. On the other hand, you could delve into a steak or some seafood stew in smoked chili broth for dinner.

  • Le Petit Zinc


From the name, you can guess that this restaurant is famous for some notably French pastries and a great place to have brunch. It is located on 1055 Trumbull Street in a quiet Corktown corner building. The crepes are to die for and the espresso is quite famous. In fact, this is the perfect place to go if you are having a relaxed breakfast, brunch or lunch dinner with a friend.

What is a restaurant recommendation without a bar on the list? The Standby is a downtown bar located on 225 Gratiot Avenue. Apart from great drinks such as the Green Snake in the Grass, this bar is also famous for some tasty and finger-licking goodness. The curry braised lamb, classic burgers and the green chile stew are just some of the notable dishes. The Standby is the classic case of clay meets casual. The bar is able to maintain a casual mood without compromising on class, in the ambience and the meals as well.


There are more fancy and casual restaurants that you can visit in Detroit. These include Wright and Co., Roast, Antietam and Sister Pie to name but a few. Each of these restaurants has something unique and different to offer. From the menu and the price range, you can quickly and easily determine where you would like to dine.

The good thing about visiting a new place and trying new things is that you have more of an open mind. This way, you can try different thing, not because they are foolproof but because they are new.

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